Transformation Video

Maybe I’m voyeuristic, but I’m clearly not the only person who must be, because isn’t that the true pleasure in watching youtube videos? Even though they are edited to the gods, there is always something that feels more real and less produced when someone talks one on one with a camera. Hell, I even found myself enthralled with Kylie’s “A Day in My Life Vlog” today after failing to keep up with the Ks for a few seasons. And for me, there is always a vulnerability/cringe-factor in putting a video online that shows me makeup-less and in a turbie towel just chatting with a friend, but I’ve realized I have the best time making the kind of content that i like to consume. & honestly I’ve loved “get ready with me” type vids for years, so it’s about damn time I made my own! So come along with me as I get ready for a ~black tie optional event~ and stay tuned to the blog because I have Legit Sh*t 11 and a post to review my first time getting botox in the works 😉

curiously yours,

bailey evin