Montréal: A Little Taste of Europe with Canadian Flair

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swag? lol, nah we wish

Oh Canada, how much I had missed you. I like to think I have a tradition of taking my siblings to Canada before they turn 21, and specifically Montreal since the legal drinking age in Quebec is 18 versus 19 like most other provinces. Besides that perk, Montreal is just really damn charming. It has the European feeling, that you just really can’t get in the U.S. but at the same time is so proudly Canadian. This was my second trip to Montreal and I like blogging about cities I have been to twice, because I feel at that point I have a real feel for the city. That being said, Montreal,  has so many hidden treasures that I’m sure even two more trips would leave me with tons left to do, especially since I visited in Winter both times. Also it’s worth mentioning the people in Montreal are just straight up NICE and in my book that’s always a good thing when traveling. Read on for some of my favorite places so far.