Bay Area Hangs

golden gate bridge
Before a whirlwind trip of going to LA back in 2011 for the VMAs (which included an upcloseandpersonal rendition of “One Thing” by One Direction), I had never been to California. But somehow in the past couple of years, I’ve been back to the West Coast a few times and it has a special place in my heart. As if it hasn’t become clear, I will travel for a boy band member, and this time it was for Harry Styles. He didn’t disappoint, and neither did the food/drink in the Bay Area-Berkeley/ Oakland,/SF and a day-trip to nearby Sonoma.

[A note: It’s beyond sadness and comprehension what’s going on in Northern California ¬†with the fires. It feels so superficial to be writing this fluffy post about food/drink right now, but it’s such a beautiful and resilient area and I know it’ll come through this even stronger.]