New York City Round-Up

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Ah New York, where do I even begin? Out of the cities I’ve been to, NYC is definitely the one I’ve revisited the most. Yet, I still feel overwhelmed with all of the possibilities and options each time I’m there. Maybe the thing I love most about New York, is that feeling that anything can happen. Maybe this is due to years of watching too many superhero and rom-com movies set in NYC and seeing paparazzi pics of celebs nonchalantly walking around TriBeCa, but I digress. The bottom line is that NYC is one of those places that really does live up to every shred of hype and makes you feel a little more alive just by being in its presence. I can’t even begin to do a comprehensive list of all there is to do in NYC, so instead I will focus on some of the highlights from my most recent trip there this past weekend (Labor Day Weekend).