Kinda Cute – Ep. 10 – Swinging with Thomas Middleditch, a 6.5 Inch Tongue Gets the Big Mons$, and Aaron Carter vs. Nick Carter

In episode 10’s discussion of The Cut:

*a brief update on Millie’s Face washing and Caroline Calloway

*a fellow Floridian is making over $100k a year, partially thanks to her long ass tongue

*Thomas Middleditch likes to swing and refer to himself as a ravenous little monster

*Nick Carter gets a restraining order against little bro, Aaron Carter, but I’m more concerned with Trisha Paytas

This Week’s Legit Sh*t: 
Big Ass Sustainable Scrunchies from Room Shop Vintage:

BONUS: we finish our slightly deranged track by track review of Taylor Swift’s Lover

The Cut Articles Covered:

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