Legit Sh*t 11

You know the drill, so let’s just get into it, shall we?

Secret Deodorant Ball: We’ve talked about it before, I am not one of those girls who sweats rainbows and perfume. & as much as I try to get on the natural deodorant wagon–let’s be real: I live in Florida, it’s hot as balls, and I sweat a lot. So unfortunately, for now, an antiperspirant is necessary and all antiperspirants contain the dreaded aluminum. With that being said, I love this little deodorant ball for travel/keeping in my purse. I don’t know about you, but I’ve had my other travel deodorants open up in my bag and get all over my stuff. This ball is great because it has a screw lid that won’t flop off in your bag. Also it’s cute and looks like one of those eos lip balms.

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Maldon Sea Salt: Do you instantly want to feel fancy? Get yourself some Maldon Sea Salt Flakes. This is THE BEST finishing salt. Just so flaky and crunchy and perfect and beautiful. Chocolate cookies? Sprinkle some on top. Hard boiled eggs? Instantly fancy hard boiled eggs with this. Avocado toast? Feel like you are in one of those Australian all-day cafes with a mere dash! I don’t want to tell you that this salt could change your life, but don’t be surprised if it does.

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Mikkeller Prints by Keith Shore: If you watched my House Tour you know that I appreciate art that holds meaning for me. My sister and I love Mikkeller beer and its labels, so it was a happy day when I realized that I could buy Keith Shore’s limited edition prints of those very labels. My sister has the Spontanhibiscus one which is sold out, but my Spontanpear one is still available! The prints are also very reasonable priced and hand numbered/signed and come with a cute sticker. I can’t resist a cute sticker.

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curiously yours,

bailey evin