Legit Sh*t 10

We are already on Legit Sh*t Number 10! This feels celebratory, so crack open a hard seltzer for this week’s edition of a few of my favorite things.

Do I see the irony in our current Kon-Mari-what-sparks-joy society and me telling you to buy new sh*t? YES, I DO. But I swear every single thing I put on these lists sparks joy for me, so that counts for something, right? Also one of these is a podcast–no purchase necessary!

Nike Airforce 1 Sage Low: I wouldn’t call myself a sneaker kind of gal, but these shoes are changing my mind. Obviously, Airforce 1’s are iconic, but this updated silhouette with a higher platform than the classic are the kind of shoe that complement many a ‘lewks’–sundress? check. mom jeans? check. tracksuit? why not?! This picture with my cankles doesn’t do them justice, but trust me–these are worth the benjamin they cost.

Catbird Welded Sweet Nothing Bracelet from the Welding Annex: Catbird jewelry is darling. I’d even call it precious. It’s exactly the type of jewelry I want on my body at all times. And since I got this piece welded around my wrist, now I do! I got mine done at a Catbird x Reformation pop-up in LA, but you can visit the Catbird Welding Annex in Brooklyn to get a bracelet welded on you, too! I have the sweet nothing bracelet which is $94 and solid gold. As you will see from the link they have a few other, pricier options. The cost is the same whether you buy the traditional one with a clasp or the welded version. The actual welding process takes literally two seconds and they make sure they use a length of gold that will fit your wrist perfectly. It’s so light, I hardly remember it’s there until I catch it sparkling in all the right ways.

Who? Weekly: I feel like this podcast isn’t much of a secret anymore and for good reason. It’s pure, unadulterated F-U-N. The tagline for the podcast is “Everything you need to know about celebrities you don’t” and focuses on celebrity “Who?s” i.e. those people you mention to your parents or your less pop-culturally inclined friends and they respond, “Who?” A-Listers are referred to as “Thems” and this podcast hosted by Lindsey Weber and Bobby Finger fulfills my thirst for niche-celebrity gossip in a lighthearted way. Also, their merch is so good.

curiously yours,

bailey evin