My Best Concert Tips, Tricks & Hacks

To know me, is to know I love concerts. I’ve been to quite a few. My very first one was a The Format concert when I was in high school. Man, do they have some bops. Over the years I’ve picked up some tips & tricks along the way. Keep reading and share any of your own concerts hacks!

Here is my YouTube video on the same subject; but as usual, if you prefer reading I got you, boo!


  • Enter Contests: Search for concert contests on your local radio station’s websites and use apps like Thrillcall and Bands in Town. Thrillcall has contests within the app and both apps will notify you when one of your favorite artists is going on tour/coming to your city. I also recommend following your local branch of Live Nation. My local one is @livenationfl and often times they will have contests for free tickets and meet and greets–both my sister and I have won contests that way.
  • Try to Get a Photo Pass: If you are into photography, see if you can get a photo pass, which will allow you in the front to photograph. The only time I’ve gotten one is through a contest with Live Nation, but I have had success emailing managers for permission to bring my camera with a detachable lens into the venue. But word of advice: this usually only works with smaller bands at small venues. 
  • Verified Fan Sales on Ticketmaster: Sign up for Verified Fan Sales on Ticketmaster. You will be notified about these if you follow the artist on Ticketmaster or if you sign up for the artist’s email lists. By being signed up for these, you will have access to the best seats that will often times be sold out once the tickets are on sale to the general public.
  • Do Your Research: Find out if the artist has ticket upgrades or meet & greets during the concert. You can research this through fan forums, Googling, and even Instagram. Usually people will reveal how they won. For example, Taylor Swift usually has her mom or someone from the Taylor Nation team pick people to go to the after-show meet & greet.
matt healy, the 1975, photographing the 1975
  • Use Credit Card Offers: If you have a credit card, take advantage of the perks! Credit cards like Amex and Capital One sometimes have pre-sales and reserved seating.


  • What to Bring: Only bring a small bag and check the rules of the venue as to what you can bring. I recommend hydrating beforehand and bringing a small snack, hand sanitizer, and a small sunscreen if the venue is outside. 
  • Go to the Sides:  If you are at a General Admission concert or a small venue go to the sides. You can usually get right up to the front. Even though it’s a side view and the speakers are loud, it’s worth it! Bring ear plugs–those are never a bad idea at a concert, anyway.
ed sheeran concert
  • Match Your Outfits: Match outfits with your friends. One time my best friend and I wore matching pink boilersuits like the kind the Glossier workers wear–I talked about it here. We looked insane, but it was always easy to find eachother and we stood out in pictures other people took. I even heard a girl in the bathroom referring to us as the “pink jumpsuit girls” (iconic). Also, your hair and makeup will probably get ruined, so don’t stress about them!
  • Only Bring What You Can Throw Away: If you bring stuff in line,  make sure its stuff you can throw away. You don’t want to be dealing with all that crap in a venue with no coat check and when you are practically in a mosh pit. Bring stuff to do while you wait in line, but again, make sure you can throw it away. I’ve seen girls with like 10 blankets, and I just don’t get it.
  • Short Alcohol Lines: Beer lines when you’re older (and the show is for teens) are always short! Enjoy it!  But don’t get wasted! I’ve had concerts where I kinda forgot the details and that’s not what we are going for. 
dreamers concert
  •  Again, Do Your Research!: Get to know the roadies and band members through research. Sometimes they can be your key to figuring out where the band is before or after a show, so you can casually run into them, lol.
  • Live in the Moment: Sure snap some pics, but don’t go crazy! Put the phone away! I think the artists appreciate this, too.
  • Use Your Time Wisely: If you don’t care about the openers or being front row, go to neighboring restaurants or bars while the openers perform, and sometimes you can run into the band. I also recommend using this tip for after the show, depending on their tour schedule. If they are driving far away and have a show the next day, they will very likely leave right after, but if not they may be staying in the area for a little while!
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  • Be Yourself, Honey!: If you use these amazing tips, and get the chance to meet someone–be normal! Be yourself! Introduce yourself as you and not a crazed fan–even though trust me i know that feeling–I’ve definitely gotten star struck, but being you is the best advice I can give 🙂

Please feel free to share any concert tips you have!

curiously yours,

bailey evin