NYC Part Three

review of harry potter and the cursed childOh man, this last trip to NYC was a doozy. I posted on my insta story that after leaving NYC I always feel like I got hit by a garbage truck and crawled over by rats. I stand by this, but it doesn’t stop me from loving it! This trip in particular I found some places I definitely feel the need to share. 

This NYC trip (as opposed to this one and this one) solely revolved around seeing Harry Potter and the Cursed Child on Broadway. I have been determined to see this play since it started in London and every week I have entered the Friday Forty desperate to win $40 tickets. By some miracle from the contest gods, I won!

The play is two parts, with each part running at about 2 hours and 45 mins. I won for the Thursday and Friday night shows (you can see the show all at once on a Wednesday or Saturday, but I think spacing it out over 2 nights is the way to go). I was worried it would feel long or boring, but honestly both nights flew by and I felt so emotionally connected to the characters, that it was weird not going back to the theater on Saturday night.

Obviously, this show is all about keeping the secrets, but I can tell you it really is as magical as you imagine, and if you are a Harry Potter fan in the slightest, it will bring on some major nostalgia. I also felt so lucky to see it with most of the original London cast–Anthony Boyle is a star!

Bottom line: enter the Friday 40, cross your fingers, book a last minute trip to NY if you win and don’t regret a single moment of it!

Because we were going to be at the show both nights, we decided on a cheap Pod hotel in Midtown/Hell’s Kitchen right next to Times Square. Honestly, sounds like a nightmare, but the hotel is new and very clean. Sure it’s tiny and there were bunk beds involved, but my sister and I thought it was just right.

The best part? The hotel houses a new tiki bar by the people behind Carbone, The Grill, Dirty French etc. etc., called aptly, “The Polynesian.”  The drinks are delicious, big, tropical, and icy. Just how I like my tiki drinks. There’s even an outdoor part of the bar which is equally charming. We didn’t try any food other than the fries but they were pretty damn good.

review of the polynesian tiki bar


Very quick, I just want to touch on some other places I recommend:

Te Company in the West Village: Their pineapple linzers are so melt-in-your mouth you might as well get a box to go. They serve Taiwanese tea and are super friendly. The space is tinier than our Pod hotel room, but it’s so charming! I mean it’s in the West Village so what do you expect? But it really is lovely, and I imagine it would be the perfect place to hide out from the cold.

review of te company west village new york

Gotan: There are few locations of Gotan in Brooklyn and we went to the one in Williamsburg. They do breakfast really well.

gotan brooklyn review

Loring Place in Greenwich Village: Loring isn’t particularly, flashy or trendy but it’s solid and dependable. I would go back just for the baked ricotta. It’s very vegetarian friendly and flavorful and they do a great $29 lunch pre-fixe.

loring place review

The Bar at Momofuku Ko: I think when most people hear Momofuku Ko they think of an elaborate tasting menu, but earlier this year Ko opened up a new bar area which opens at 3pm. The menu is handwritten and changes each day, but you can’t go wrong with their cocktails or Japanese cheesecake. It’s also fun to sit and chat with the chefs behind the bar.

review of the bar at momofuku ko

108 Piercing by J. Colby Smith: It’s incredibly hard for me to go to New York and not get a piercing. This time I made an appointment at J. Colby Smith’s 108 studio in Brooklyn. Josh Harris pierced me and he was a delight. The studio is so calming and pretty. You feel like you are in the coolest loft apartment ever. They also have super reasonably priced gold rings compared to other high-end piercing studios.

review of 108 piercing brooklyn

Friends NYC: Lastly, if you are in Brooklyn and particularly Bushwick, you have to go to Friends NYC. It was hard for me to not buy out the whole store. Luckily, you can shop a ton of their cute sh*t online.  It’s the perfect place to pick up a fun trinket like a candle, card, or hat.

Other places I went to and loved during this trip: Russ & Daughter’s for a gravlax on an everything bagel with veggie cream cheese, Roberta’s in Bushwick for an unlimited pizza & prosecco event, and the original Oddfellow’s location for a Pb&J ice cream cone. All of which are classics for a reason.

Robertas pizza and prosecco

curiously yours,

bailey evin