Legit Sh*t 6

Damn, it’s been a while! I shared that I had a blog on my insta and then fell off the face of the planet. But I am BACK! Hopefully, with a vengeance, but like, the fun kind. They say with a blog consistency is key, but isn’t a surprise also fun? So here goes, Legit Sh*t Number 6.

  1. Charcoal Pills: I am constantly on the hunt for the cure to hangovers. I realize the true cure is not drinking 7 vodka sodas with a splash of grapefruit, but shit happens!  And sometimes it happens once a week. I’ve been testing a theory for awhile now, and am convinced these charcoal pills DO HELP! The key is you must take them BEFORE you drink and preferably like, right before you start drinking. I’ve experimented with taking them around noon, and then drinking at night, and that does not work as well. I’m not saying these are a cure-all, but I’m less likely to feel like roadkill the next day, if I popped 2 of these.  I also appreciate this particular brand because they are vegetarian.

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2. Iridescent Wine Glasses: As someone who frequently gets told I look like someone who would like “Unicorn Stuff,” this probably comes as no surprise. Although, I’d just like to point out I don’t actually own any unicorn stuff! I like to think I get told this because of my general sunny outlook and penchant for glitter, but who knows–maybe I should be offended?  On to these glasses though! They are perfect.  I get happy just looking at them. They shine in all the right ways, and I like to think that serving someone some sparkling cava in these puppies makes their day too. Mine are in the ‘Oyster’ color, but seeing them in the “Grey Motif” option on Anthro’s makes me want those too. I picked these up for $11 each, but they are only $14 full price and totally worth every penny.

lustered wine glass from anthropologie, iridescent wine glass

Curiously yours,

bailey evin