Is the Beautylish Lucky Bag Worth it?

017 Beautylish Lucky Bag Review, 018 Beautylish Lucky Bag Review, 2019 Beautylish Lucky Bag ReviewAnother year, another Beautylish Lucky BagĀ  (oops, last year I def kept referring to this as a lucky box, doh. In my defense it is technically in a box). Are you wondering if its worth it? Do you want my thoughts? You know what to do–keep readin’!


OK to be honest, I was a little disappointed this year. Probably from too much insta-stalking the hashtag before I got my bag, which didn’t come until January 17. Don’t get me wrong, I love Beautylish and I love that they do this, but I just feel like 2 years in a row, I got very usable, but not all that exciting bags. Value wise I believe the lucky bag is a bang for your buck, but only if you will actually use at least $82 worth of the products that come inside of it. $82 is the price for the regular sized lucky bag plus shipping within the US. Overall my bag was worth $180.

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  1. Wayne Goss 16 Brush: This is a large eyeshadow crease brush, and suprisingly my favorite thing in the box. It’s so soft, so perfect for blending and my first Goss brush. I also loved getting it this way because I wouldn’t normally spend that much on a single brush. $30
  2. Skindinavia makeup Finishing Spray- Bridal: Skindinavia makes Urban Decay’s setting sprays, and I love those and from using this so far I like it too. The spray is more fine then the UD one and smells better (Is it just me or have in recent years the UD sprays started to smell funky?). Again, great value, but not that exciting of an addition since I already have such a similar product. $29
  3. Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray, 2.2 oz: I own one other Oribe product and it’s probably the most expensive hair product I’ve ever purchased (Oribe Royal Blowout) and now after owning this one I feel like I can confidently say that Oribe products smell like “rich girl.” I dont know precisely what evokes this image for me, but they just smell expensive and french, but I find the smell a little overpowering. I’m still experimenting with the best way to use this product and so far I’ve been kind of treating it like a dry shampoo. So I’m still on the fence about this, but I will say it doesn’t leave a white powder or that build-up feeling that other root products can. $22
  4. Sulwahsoo First Care Activating Mask, One Mask: I’m infatuated with Korean skincare and I was so pumped to get this after doing some research into Sulwahsoo after I saw a celeb talk about it (typical). But I can’t really say one mask did enough for me to give a fair review of this, and $60 for a pack of 5 masks is probably more than I’m willing to ever spend on a mask. $12
  5. Jouer Skinny Dip Shimmer Eye Palette: Again, I need to experiment with this more, but I’m hesitant after all the fall-out that happened the first time I wore it. It is super shimmery and pigmented though, so I’ll give it that. $40
  6. By Terry Terrbly Velvet Rouge in Lady Bare: OK, this was by far my biggest disappoinment, mostly because it makes me look like a corpse. Honestly, I can’t really get past how unflattering the color is on me to give this a fair review, but the thought of paying retail for this makes me cringe. $47

Knowing me I’ll probably get another next year because I just can’t resist the element of surprise and that chance that I could get extraaaa lucky! PS here are some swatches of the Skinny Dip palette in case you’re curious

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Curiously yours,

bailey evin