Legit Sh*t 4

When I find something I love, it’s hard for me to stop raving about it, which is why we are probably already at Legit Sh*t Number Four.  On today’s list, we run the gamut from home decor to astrology.

  1. Mid-century Modern Decor: I have had my eye on this vintage mid-century chair since the moment I saw it. It was from the vendor “Vintage Midcentury” and housed at one of my favorite places in West Palm Beach– Elizabeth Avenue Station. It’s the coolest warehouse filled with local goods and they put on the best parties. But before I get too side tracked, let’s get back to this chair. It’s a dream and I got it a steal for $137. They are sometimes called peacock chairs and sometimes fan chairs, and you can track one down by googling those terms and/or checking on Etsy, Ebay or Wayfair.

peacock chair, midcentury modern, midcentury west palm beach, elizabeth avenue station, warehouse district

2. Hard Seltzers: Specifically White Claw. I’ll admit when I first saw these I had visions of Mike’s Hard, and “icing” is not a thing I’m trying to bring into 2018, so I was a bit skeptical. But I’ve  been drinking variations of these for a few months, and now I can confidently say this sh*t is good. I recommend the variety pack. They are a little pricey, Publix sells them for $9.99 for a 6-pack but they are delicious, low calorie (110), low carb (4g), and low sugar (4g) while still packing a %5 alcohol content. Truly and Spiked Seltzer are two other brands that are yummy and worth checking out.

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imo, the black cherry is the best white claw flavor

3.  House of Intuition Birthday Box: Since my birthday falls three days after Christmas, I tend to get a little carried away and treat myself to birthday/xmas gifts (see: peacock chair above). I’ve been wanting to get a “magic candle” from House of Intuition for awhile now, and when I saw Holly Simple (a fellow cappy!) was putting together the Capricorn Birthday Box, which included a magic candle, I couldn’t resist. Her designs are so cool, and my friend had bought her tarot deck and loved it. The kit came with a nice sized tumbled calcite, Holly Simple’s Fuzzy Oracle Deck,and higher self healing bath. Unfortunately, the cap box is sold out but keep an eye out for your box bday box here. The “magic candles” have crystals in the bottom which you can remove once the candle has burned. I feel like need to do a whole post on crystals but bottom line is, I just like having these things around me because they feel like good luck! And sometimes I think just FEELING lucky and believing you are lucky, actually makes you lucky! So why not?

house of intuition birthday box, house of intuition birthday box review, west palm beach blogger

Curiously yours,

bailey evin