2019 Gift Guide

To me the best gift are those that have form+function and are tailored to the specific person AND something they wouldn’t necessarily buy for themself. You’ve heard about a ton of these on legit sh*t, but I hope having them all in one place will give you some holiday inspo. Click on the pic to shop and find even more suggestions down below! (ps some products might contain affiliate links, thank you for supporting my blog!)

Natural Wine Clubs:

Las Jaras Seasonal Wine Club: 4 bottles ~$150 per shipment (is linked in the graphic above! )

Primal Wines: 3 bottles per months for $85.

Both of these clubs provide great natural or biodynamic/organic wines. Las Jaras is brand specific, but their wines are delicious. Where I live, it’s hard to go to the shop and just pick up hard-to-find natural wines, so I love the option of getting these delivered directly to me and not having to worry about filling my suitcase with natural wines when I travel to cities that actually stock them.


I love jewelry as a gift, because it always reminds me of the person I got it from and where I was at the time. Wearing it makes me feel like I always have that memory with me! These are some of my favorites right now.

Stone and Strand, Maria Tash, Missoma, Adinas, Mejuri


Just like jewelry, ceramics just feel special to me. These are my favorites (all pictured in the graphic above).

Felt and Fat Ceramics: I could not be more obsessed with the color and shape of their ceramics–so fun to mix and match

East Fork: I talked about them on my podcast, but talk about form and function–all while supporting an Asheville-based, sustainable company.

Drippy Pots: A tried and true favorite on this blog. You can’t go wrong with a Brian Giniewski piece. He even has a site “lil uglies” where you can buy slightly imperfect pieces that are still adorable and functional.


Just a few of my favorites in skin care and make-up:

Farmacy Green Clean Cleanser

Sol De Janiero Set

Fenty Lipgloss

Laniege Lipmask

L’Occitane Almond oil 


I know this is literally the equivalent of burning money, but I just can’t quit fancy candles


Boy Smells



Art, just like ceramics, feel special to me and these are some I’m loving right now.

Molly M Designs

Om Ceramics


Spotify Subscription: My parents gifted me a year subscription and it’s a game-changer. You can even listen to my podcast, Kinda Cute, on Spotify! 😉

Imo, sunglass holders are so hot rn and I’m not just talking your classic frat boi crokies. These ones are A++: gold and lilac, golden snake

Huge Scrunchies: honestly, I own 3 and wish I had 3 more.

Barefoot Dreams Blanket: literally the softest thing that will ever grace your body 

Hydroflask: I just love mine and I think a great way to personalize this is by giving it with some stickers that remind you of the person/places you’ve been together so they can decorate their water bottle!


Merch has really stepped up its game, honestly. Have a Bon Appetit or Ariana Grande fan in your fam? Get ’em some merch and let them flaunt their love! Here are some of my faves, but the possibilities are endless.

Bon Appetit Merch

Harry Styles Merch

Ariana Grande Merch

happy shopping 🙂

xx, bails