Even More NYC Places I Love

I can’t go to NYC and NOT do a blog post. Clearly. See here, here, here, & here , lol. So I just wanted to update you guys on even more places I highly rec.

Supermoon Bakehouse: (Bowery) First up, Supermoon Bakehouse. I usually think that foods that look stunning on Instagram are too good to be true. And let me tell ya, Supermoon looks gorge on the ‘gram. But I can wholeheartedly say that their baked goods taste even better than they look. The combinations are incredible: think passionfruit sugar donut, tiramisu cruffin, little britain donut (“mandarin & pear house made jam and an earl gray creme patissiere, dipped in a mandarain glaze topped with chantille cream bulb, white choclate shards and a spiced white chocolate crumble”). Are you drooling yet? This time we got the passionfruit donut and their limited edition pride croissant, but I can’t wait to try their soft serve next time I’m in town. [as an aside, i’m sorry these pics aren’t the best quality. I slacked taking photos with my legit camera and my iphone is old]

supermoon bakehouse, supermoon bakehouse review
supermoon bakehouse review

Misi: (Williamsburg) I’m still dying to go to Lilia–the other beloved restaurant of Missy Robbins. But getting to go to Misi for lunch will tide me over until that day comes. As usual, with hard-to-get-into-Italian restos in NYC (there’s a ton), going to lunch is usually the way to go. It was also very peaceful in the airy space eating an early lunch–we even got a prime seat in front of the action. The menu is super vegetable and pasta heavy–my dream menu? My favorite was the spinach and mascarpone filled tortelli with brown butter and ricotta salata. Go with friends, get lots of pasta to share (and the ricotta crostini, which I regret not getting. Please tell me how it is), a gorgeous bottle of wine, and some homemade gelato to pre-game a walk around Williamsburg.

Oxomoco: (Greenpoint) After gorging yourself on pasta, I recommend meandering over to Greenpoint and hitting up Oxomoco for cocktails. Their drinks are so good, their bathroom has a disco ball and the plants hanging from the ceiling remind you that you are in Greenpoint, after all. I’m not usually a frozen drink gal, but their frozen paloma is WOW. I mean, look at it!

oxomoco frozen paloma
oxomoco review

FOA Collective: (Greenpoint) While you are in the neighborhood make a stop at this adorable store. I bought a print here and a card, which one of the cards’ makers hand signed for me! This place is just cool and their site explains it better than I can: “Run more like a gallery than a conventional retail store, the product assortment will be ever-changing and feature one-off exclusives and collaborations. For many of the artists, this is the only, or one of a handful, of locations where you can see the products in person.”

Sake Bar Satsko: (East Village) Satsko is small, but what it lacks in size, it makes up for in sake knowledge. I felt like I was getting an education here–in the best way. They basically have any type of sake you could ask for, and the one we tried was delicious. A little too delicious, to the point where I left my newly acquired FOA Collective print at the bar and had to stumble back here late night to get it. From that experience, I can tell you this place gets poppin’ at night, but I think it’s perfect for a pre-dinner drink if you want a more subdued scene.

Wayla: (LES) Wayla strikes me as one of those all-purpose type of places. Birthday party? Group dinner? Family trip? Most people will find something on this Thai-centric menu that appeals to them, and the dishes are fun to share with a group. The Larb Pla Tod was probably my favorite dish–a whole fried branzino. & don’t sleep on the cocktails. Also sit outside if you can! We sat in, but the back area is supposedly gorge.

wayla nyc, wayla review

Abraco: (LES) OK, honestly I found the barista here very intimidating and be warned that they have nothing like stevia or almond milk. Your choices are pretty much cream and sugar. Like the good ole days, I guess! That being said, the coffee is yummy and the real stars here imo are the baked goods. Get one.

abraco review

Chillhouse: (LES) Are you exhausted from all of your pastry eating, pasta stuffing, city walking, and sake imbibing? Maybe you need to stop into Chillhouse. Get a CBD infused drink. A fun mani. A Boy Smells candle. Hell, you can even get a massage here. You’re worth it.

chillhouse review

Rubirosa (Nolita): Another crowded Italian joint, that makes for a great lunch spot. Make a reservation ahead of time, even if you are just getting lunch. This place is cramped and dark, but I am into their pizza. We did an arugula salad and tie-dye (their classic vodka pizza with a swirl of pesto), which I think was a perfect order. I f*cking love vodka sauce, and theirs is sweet and zippy. If you hate sweet-leaning pizzas, maybe don’t get this one. But I loved it and the crust is perfectly thin and crispy, and good enough to be eaten alone. Also, I saw a pap pic of Harry Styles outside of Rubirosa not that long ago, soooooOOooo.

rubirosa review

Short Stories: (East Village/Bowery) I went to the bar, Short Stories on a Monday night, so I can’t attest to the weekend crowd, but I liked it! The vibes are good, the decor is straight out of a Glossier ad, and the food wasn’t bad, honestly. And you can take a picture like Kendall Jenner (she went there!), so there’s that. And then after, walk across the street to celeb haunt–the Bowery Hotel. We saw Joshua Jackson aka Pacey from Dawson’s Creek smoking outside when we went, lol.

short stories review

Lmk if you check out any of these next time you are in NYC!

curiously yours,

bailey evin