Legit Sh*t 8

Coming atcha with Legit Sh*t Numero 8!

Drippy Pots by Brian Giniewski: I can’t get enough of these beauts. I know I already have a ton, as you can see in this picture, but I’m constantly seeing new ones that would make the perfect vase or utensil holder! And as a mug addict, I need at least one drippy mug, right? Also there’s a self-indulgent, fuzzy feeling that comes from supporting an artist making things and selling them direct. This business is a family affair with Brian getting help from his wife and adorable dog, and that makes the fuzzy feeling all the better. 2018 was already the year of ceramics, but my resolution for this year is to keep that going strong in 2019.

Immersion Blender: This might seem obvious or dumb, but I LOVE MY IMMERSION BLENDER! I have had it for years, and it has got me through some ~times~ in the kitchen. You know what’s annoying as f*ck? Having to pull out that food processor that’s inevitably missing 3 parts and then when you finally get it together, and you finish your processing, you have to wash that crap. I can’t tell you how many times I actively avoided recipes because they called for a processor. And don’t get me wrong, the immersion blender can’t replace ALL of your processor needs, but I swear it can come close. Want to blend some soup? Stick this puppy straight in the bowl. Hummus? Girl, same! Right in the bowl! Now that is some legit sh*t if I’ve ever seen it.

Comphy Sheets: First of all, you should know that I am still sleeping on that black silk pillowcase mentioned here. It’s still going strong. It doesn’t match my room at all and I hide it after making my bed, but that pillow was my gateway drug to bed luxury. I’m such a snobby bish about it too. I’ll be in a nice hotel room and think, “hmm, could really use my silk pillowcase right about now.” But I know, I know, silk pillow cases are practically old news. And now there are all these “disruptive” “millenial” “Everlane-esque” companites marketing their sheets on podcasts. And maybe those sheets are great. Like if Parachute and Brooklinen wanted to send me sheets I would not complain. BUT, lemme proselytize about the aptly-named “Comphy Sheets real quick.

Years ago, I went to the spa at the Fountainebleu in Miami. That was cool, but the phenomenal part of that spa trip? The sheets. To the point where for days, all I could think about was those damn sheets. So I emailed the spa: “Would you be able to tell me what brand/type of sheets are used on the massage beds at lapis? they are the best!” To my shock they told me! So here ya go straight from the spa lady’s mouth:

That was a little over two years ago and those sheets remain one of my best purchases. They are microfiber, wash well, and honestly are just as great as the day I bought them. Are they more expensive than Target sheets? Are you worth it? Yes.

curiously yours,

bailey evin