Quebec: Winter Wonderland of Your Dreams

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It’s no secret I love Canada. It’s pretty obvious from this post on Montreal. So it was only natural for me to want to spend my 30th birthday in Quebec City. I was only there a few days, so I’m no expert—-but I can confidently say I found some places I highly recommend. As usual this will pretty much revolve around places to eat. What’s new??

Review of Le Legende in quebec
That’s a tiiiny ball of maple syrup
Le legende quebec city

I celebrated my actual birthday at Le Legende. Le Legende is cool because it only uses ingredients native to the surrounding area. Which I guess you could call super localized farm-to-table. But whatever, I still thought it was cool and I got a chance to try some native items, like Saskatoon Berries. You can either do a la carte or a tasting menu (if you do this, your whole table has to do it) at the price of $79 Canadian dollars/person and can add an optional wine pairing for $69. It was nice, because they let my sister and I split a pairing and we still got some heavy pours.

funiculaire quebec review
views from the Funiculaire

If you want a sweet view and don’t feel like working out the glutes, buy a ticket to take the Funiculaire up or down. It’s basically like a big elevator with a few on a track. This is a great way to get to the Petit Champlain area. The super picturesque, snowglobe looking street that you’ve probably spotted if you’ve done any research on Quebec.

Petit Champlain Quebec

One of my favorite little areas is Saint-Saveur, where you can do some great restaurant hopping in an area that feels fully local, alive, and maybe a tiny bit gritty? First hit up Griendel, a laid-back industrial beer hall (that also serves liquor). Also nearby is La Pied Bleu. You’ll feel like your in France, but even better, because you’re in Canada. When we were there the owner hand-whipped some cream right in front of us for my mom’s Irish coffee and offered to do an apple brandy shot with me in celebration of my birthday. What more could you ask for? Lastly, sit at the bar at Chez Tao! right down the street for the best vibes you could ask for, not to mention some of the most delicious cocktails I’ve had in my life (which is saying something, ’cause I’ve had tons). As a bonus the whole bar got to take shots with the bartenders. As if that’s not enough the food is bomb too and has Vietnamese offerings for vegans and vegetarians. This was one of our favorite places hands down and you pretty much must go if you are in Quebec.

review of le clocher penche quebec
review of le clocher penche quebec

If you are looking for another slightly fancy place, hit up Le Clocher Penche which is in another one of my favorite neighborhoods, Saint-Roch. That hood is just hip. And Le Clocher focuses on natural wines (honorable mention to La Moine Echanson for their natural wine program).

review of macfly bar arcade quebec

Afterwards meander over to MacFly Bar Arcade where you can play games for FREE as long as you’re drinking or eating. And when your fingers can’t play no more, you can get a grilled cheese there too! Also in Saint-Roch is Maelstrom which is a coffee house/bar hybrid that we need more of.

Quebec, you were even cooler than I expected and I apologize for butchering the French language while there and using no accents in this post.

curiously yours,

bailey evin