Legit Sh*t 7

I probably should’ve just called this blog Legit Sh*t. ‘Cause I love sharing that good, good sh*t. On to Number 7 of the series!!

1. Oribe Gold Lust Conditioner: Ugh, I wish I didn’t love this, but I do. I don’t even keep it in my shower, so that I can dole it out on special occasions. It basically costs as much as actual gold, but I swear it’s worth it.  My hair just feels better, blows out smooth, and is overall more cooperative when I use this conditioner. It also has the benefit of not weighing my hair down. I could go on about it forever. Ask for the big boy bottle for Christmas, so you don’t have to hoard it like I do. Also, please if you can find a dupe lemme know. (pro top: sometimes you can find this on tjmaxx.com for like $35…and if not this one they have other types! just search “hair”)oribe gold lust conditioner review
2. Dip Powder for Nails: Dip powder ain’t new, but it’s definitely blown up recently and I feel like there are still some people who don’t know about it. It’s my favorite thing to use on my nails and lasts forever. I’d describe it as a cousin to acrylic. You pick the color powder you want and the nail tech does a series of base coasts (like a polish) and then dips your nail in the powder after each coat. The powder builds up into an acrylic-feeling nail. The colors are very true, they are shiny, and there is no need for a UV or LED light to cure the color, like with a gel mani. The top coat just needs 2 minutes to dry at the end, but other than that you are at no risk of smudging the polish. Mine always last about a month, and I’m really hard on my nails. The only downside is you do have to soak them off like gels, which is time consuming, but I still think its worth it. At the salon ask for Dip Powder or Nexgen nails (Nexgen is a popular brand of the powder). Mine cost $35 where I get them done. On this particular mani, I asked for a different color on each nail. Obviously, you can get the same on each nail. And feel free to ignore my splotchy spray tan and chubby fingers.
dip polish review, dip polish, different color on each finger

3. Noah Centineo: Bless this boy-man. With One Direction on “hiatus,” I really needed an unattainable crush to lust after. The youth of today are blessed. I used to feel so bad they don’t have the equivalent of Lizzie McGuire or Life-Size [ed. note: who else is excited for Life-Size 2?]; but let’s be real, we had some questionable boys from Disney Channel Original Movies–remember when everyone was obsessed with the blond boy from Motocrossed? Puzzling.

I was always more of an Erik Von Detten girl. He had that sort of floppy, dumb likability that is completely out of reach for a girl spending her free time writing in her livejournal and trolling Neopets. Oh, Brink!, what an iconic movie.

Enter today’s Erik: Noah Centineo. Seemingly sweet and smokin’.  Ok, I’m sure you’ve seen him on your Insta explore page or in this amazing article or this one. Or in his two recent Netflix movies. But, if you haven’t I’m here to start you on what is sure to become a spiral into Noah-fandom. Hell, I’d even recommend watching the objectively awful Spf 18 on Netflix, if for nothing other than Noah’s shirtless scenes and bizarre celebrity cameos.  He’s more than a pretty face and I’m legit excited to see where his acting career goes from here. Here’s hoping he doesn’t fade into obscurity like dear Erik, whose last role on IMDb is the voice of Sid in Toy Story 3 (also iconic, though).

Noah, if you have your Google Alerts on, hit me up–would love to have you as my first guest on my non-existent (as of now) podcast. I know you’re from Boca, so when you are back in town we can make it happen 😉
PS: The Cut, your “Shameless Hearthrob” shirt based on Noah Centineo is cute, but consider this my official request for a “Noah Centineo: Thirst Architect” shirt. Please and thank you.
Also I apologize ahead of time when this inevitably becomes a Noah fan page. Harry Styles, who?
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Noah by @sarahbahbah on instagram.

Just playing, I’ll always love you, harry xx.
curiously yours,
bailey evin