Legit Sh*t 5

In this week’s Legit Sh*t, we are talking about 3 of my fave “The Hills” stars, the absolute best leggings for hot yoga, and some unique, maybe-not-for-everyone wall art.

  1. Badly Drawn Art- Harry Styles: I bought a few prints from the Badly Drawn Art Etsy back in 2015, but  JUST got around to hanging one of them up. Which is honestly a shame, because I’m obsessed with them. The seller was so nice and even though I only ordered 3 prints, he gave me an extra print for free of Miley Cyrus AND drew up a Justin Bieber print just because I had asked for one! The gold frame is from IKEA and it just makes me so happy to have this hanging in my room. It’s just the right balance of sort of ugly and charming that speaks to me haha.harry styles badly drawn art
  2. JIVA Active Leggings: First off, I love this brand because it’s Florida-based and as much flack as our state gets, its home sweet home, so I love seeing local businesses thrive. But that being said, these really are just my absolute favorite yoga pants to wear to hot yoga and the ones I find myself reaching for again and again (and pouting when I realize they are in the wash). Mine are in the Bali print, size large. My favorite thing about these is how high waisted they are and how well they stay put during a sweaty class. My biggest pet peave is pulling up pants that are falling down or being worried about my butt crack hanging out. Not a worry with these (I can’t say the same about my Alo pairs…). They are very lightweight, breathable, and really wick the sweat away. I also love the raw hem, which means you can literally just cut the bottoms shorter if you want. The only small complaint is that the inseam frays a little bit, but I just love these so much that I can look past that.jiva leggings review
  3. Spencer Pratt: Spencer Pratt and Heidi Pratt’s (nee Montag) brand new podcast is called “Make Speidi Famous Again” and to be real, that’s becoming my goal too. I had heard Spencer on a few podcasts and became intrigued with his backstory, which lead to me following him on all forms of social media and DMing my thoughts on celeb culture (he’s even answered lol). They just had Kristin Cavallari as a guest and you can hear their baby, Gunner, cooing in the background. Highly recommend. Also my best friend bought me a shirt from his merch line and it’s everything I could hope for. It says Pratt Daddy Gang Gang–which OK, who knows what that means, but it makes me feel like I’m part of Spencer’s group. Please follow him on snap/insta to watch him jam to Taylor Swift, play with his pom doggies, and feed hummingbirds nectar. It’s just as magical as it sounds and more. review of make speidi famous again, review of pratt daddy merch, spencer pratt, heidi pratt, review of spencer pratt

Curiously yours,

bailey evin