Legit Sh*t 3

Coming at you with my third installment of sh*t I can’t live without.

Cezanne: I got my first Cezanne treatment 3 months ago, and the effects are starting to wear off now, so I feel like I’m at a point where I can give a solid opinion on it. First, I so want to get another treatment, which is a testament to how I feel about the product. I got my treatment for $97 through Groupon, and the stylist who performed the treatment said if I came back to her, she would do it for the same price, sans Groupon. I honestly think this is a very fair deal, and considering that I don’t dye my hair ever or cut if often, it’s a worthwhile investment. Cezanne’s own site does a great job explaining it, but the reason I chose this product is because I was freaked by the fumes and formaldehyde that’s released during a keratin treatment. Cezanne comes from a natural protein produced by the silk worm, so it’s unfortunately not vegan. However, from the research I’ve done it much more natural and gentle than your typical keratin treatment. The process took about 2 hours (my hair is super long though), did not have a strong smell, and involved a lot of applying the product, rinsing, blow drying, and meticulous straightening. Yet, the great thing about this treatment is you don’t have to wait a full 24 hours to wash (even though 24 hours is recommended) and you don’t have to be super precious about throwing it in a rubber band etc. This does not make your hair straight, but I really do think it cut down on frizz and made my hair passable with just a wash and dry–which I can never do without this treatment! I got mine done at the George Ryan Salon in Palm Beach Gardens, but I know many salons offer this treatment.

cezanne review

Harry Styles: Two weeks have passed since I saw Harry in ATL and I’m still riding the wave of giddiness. To be honest, when I first heard his album I hated it. I was left pining away for the synthetic pop-beats of a One Direction song, but seeing him perform the album live is a whole ‘nother story.  If you can see him live, even if you aren’t a “boy band” fan I wholeheartedly recommend it. Few artists can perform like H. Styles and his voice live is grittier and guttural than his album in the best way possible. It was worth getting squished and shoved in the GA pit and waiting all day. He just has a magnetism that I can’t say I’ve ever witnessed in another human before. Also please listen to this sound clip of him after he performed Kiwi for the second time and feel yourself die a little:

harry styles at the roxy, harry styles in atlanta, review of harry styles pit experience

a less blurry pic of Harry than the one from SF

Pink Boilersuit: My best friend and I wore the pink boilersuit pictured below to the aforementioned Harry Styles Concert in Atlanta. We looked like matching, pink nightmares. That being said, it was so comfortable [crucial for sitting on a concrete floor for 12 hours, waiting for Harry] and literally have never gotten more compliments on an item of clothing in my life. My mom says I only get complimented on my clothing because I wear things that are “sort of bizarre.” I can’t say she’s wrong. In all honesty we were hoping Harry would notice and appreciate our pink atrocities, but for now we’ll  take the adoration of the security guards at the concert venue. Unfortunately, this exact one tends to sell out, but just search “boilersuit” on asos.com and you can come up with some other great options, like this one!

pink boilersuit, pink boilersuit from asos, asos pink jumpsuit

[pic from asos, wish I looked this good in it]


Curiously yours,

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