Legit Sh*t 2

I love to recommend things that I love. I seriously get JOY when I walk in someone’s bathroom and see a spray or candle I gushed about. So this list of Legit Sh*t is close to my heart. Some of the things on here might be bizarre, or already so well known they don’t merit restatement, but many of the things on here I’m constantly asked about, so I feel there is some segment of society that hasn’t been clued in to these gems yet. Read on to see some legit shiz I can’t live without.

  1. Ice Rolling. OK, I know icerolling has made the rounds on the blogosphere, but people seriously look at me like I have three heads when I talk about. I keep this exact model in my freezer at all times and try to use it every day when I wake up and gt to bed after I have applied my skin care. I am convinced it helps serums/oils sink into the face better. I literally just roll it over my face/neck for 5 minutes and it is so soothing. It’s a lifesaver after hot yoga and when hungover–those are probably my two favorite uses for it. Is this going to do miracles for your skin? I mean probably not (get Retin-A for that chica!), but does it feel damn good and maybe make products absorb better? hell yea.ice roller review, best ice roller
  2. Popsockets. The only thing that gets more bizarre looks than telling people I iceroll (or shave my face or occasionally wear crystals in my bra…), is my Popsocket. I could’ve sworn everyone knew what these little miracles knobs are, but they don’t. Every time someone asks what it is I sell that puppy like my life depends on it, just because I love it that much! I know they say it can help selfies, but I just like mine because it gives me something to hold on and makes me less likely to drop my phone–which happens often- and to use it as a little stand when I’m watching a YouTube vid or whatever. Not to mention, it’s kind of just fun to play with and with so many different design options you’re bound to find one that fits your aesthetic.

    marble popsocket, popsocket review

    plz excuse how dirty my case is

  3. Best candle of all time. Alright, I know that is a bold claim, but this candle in Whipped Cream & Pear is just that good. I can’t even describe the smell, but if I had to it’s what I imagine life would smell like if you always had a pear, sugar crumble topped cobbler, hot out of the oven with whipped cream on your counter top. ┬áThis whole line of candles is great, and I can vouch because I’ve burned approx 75% of them, but this one will always be my favorite.boulangerie candle, whipped cream and pear candle, best candle

That’s all for now, but I always have some legit sh*t to share so keep an eye out.

Curiously yours,

bailey evin