Miami for the 4th and the Biebs, pt. 2


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Somehow writing my last post, I forgot our first stop of the trip! We headed to Alchemist where Justin Bieber was doing a pop-up shop of his Miami tour merch. I had my eyes on a long sleeved black tee that said “No Photos” down the side. These were basic Gildan shirts, and somehow I convinced myself that $75 for this tee was totally worth it. Much to my dismay, the one shirt I wanted was gone, but I guess it was sort of cool being the only ones in the shop and taking some pictures of the minimalist set-up. Also, probably for the best that I didn’t waste $75 on a Gildan t-shirt.

bieber, bieber merch, purpose tour merch, alchemist miami, justin bieber

Our last food/drink-driven spot of the trip was to Byblos inside the Shorecrest hotel, which serves Middle Eastern and Mediterranean food. The ambiance is very calming, and a nice respite from the hustle of South Beach. We ordered the jeweled rice, brussel sprouts, and Turkish dumplings. It is spensy (my favorite abbreviation for expensive), but everything we had was delicate and bursting with flavor. My favorite part of the meal was probably the spiked tea service pictured below. After this we less classily drank Snapple mixed with vodka and hit up a dive bar next to Story.

The spiked tea at byblos comes with a side of Turkish Delight.

The spiked tea at Byblos comes with a side of Turkish Delight.

Although we came to Miami to see the Biebs, his appearance at Story was probably the least exciting part of our trip. Honestly, from our viewpoint, he looked vaguely unamused and would occasionally chug beers by himself. Can’t say I blame him, because that’s basically what we were doing. But it was still a great adventure and seeing Kourtney Kardashian partying alongside him kept us entertained. All in all solid weekend.


  1. Are you more of a club or dive bar kinda person? For me DEF dive bar.
  2. What’s your favorite memory from traveling to Miami?

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